Field Day 2022

The San Lorenzo Valley Amateur Radio Club and the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club joined forces for Amateur Radio Field Day 2022 in Bonny Doon on Saturday June 25 and on Sunday June 26, 2022. Here are the … [Read More...]

Peet Bros. Weather Station and APRS: ULTIMETER 2100 and TM-D710GA

Peet Bros. ULTIMETER weather stations can send their observations to the APRS network through a TNC (terminal node controller) and a VHF radio. Since the Kenwood TM‑D710GA UHF/VHF radio has a built-in TNC, one … [Read More...]

Solving the Problem of Cables Through Walls

With antennas on the outside and radios on the inside, the homes of hams need ways to run cables through walls, ceilings, or floors—while also blocking drafts and bugs. John KJ6WKT presented members’ solutions … [Read More...]

Moving a Tower

At the Friday, March 4, 2022 club meeting, Kerry K3RRY and John AC6SL described the process that they took, along with Sam WB6RJH, Don K6GHA, and Mike K1MG, to move a US Towers TX-455 radio tower from the … [Read More...]

EME (Earth→Moon→Earth) Communication

Many thanks to Sam WB6RJH who presented the Tech Talk at the February 4, 2022, SLVARC club meeting. It was amazing to hear that one can communicate over almost half a million miles (and with a mostly … [Read More...]

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