Using a Commerical Handheld with Amateur Radio

During the September 10, 2021, club meeting, Kerry K3RRY presented what it is like using a commercial handheld radio on amateur repeaters. A PDF of his presentation is here. Below is a writeup of that … [Read More...]

ADS-B and AIS: Tracking Aircraft and Maritime Vessels

During the August 6, 2021, club meeting Jeff Liebermann AE6KS gave a technical talk on ADS-B and AIS. These are two tracking systems that receive the locations of aircraft and maritime vessels, … [Read More...]

International Light House & Lightship Weekend – 2021

Richard K8SQB is organizing this year's International Light House & Lightship Weekend, which is happening on August 21 and 22 near the Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse. Plans are to make a "mini-Field-Day" … [Read More...]

2021 Board Election Results

At the August 6, 2021, club meeting, members reelected the current board of directors for another term. … [Read More...]

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