The San Lorenzo Valley Amateur Radio Club maintains two local FM voice repeaters and a packet digipeater. These repeaters are “open” and visitors are welcome. 

For voice repeaters in the area besides these, see the Santa Cruz ARES Frequency List.

Two-Meter Voice Repeater

Callsign: WR6AOK
Frequency: 147.120 MHz
Offset: +600 KHz
CTCSS Tone: 94.8 Hz

Six-Meter Voice Repeater

Temporarily down for repair

Callsign: WR6AOK
Frequency: 52.800 MHz
Offset: −500 KHz
CTCSS Tone: 114.8 Hz

Packet Digipeater

Digipeater Callsign: WR6AOK
Node Callsign: WR6AOK-7
Frequency: 145.690 MHz
Packet Frequency List for Monterey Bay