Club Meeting – Field Day Wrap Up

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Field Day 2022

It’s time of the year: ARRL Field Day has arrived. Friday: setup Saturday: operations start at 11 am and extend into Saturday Sunday: operations continue and end at 11 am

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Club Meeting – Preparations for Field Day 2022

Field Day 2022 is approaching. Learn about our county’s preparations and how you can participate during this national communications exercise. For Zoom info, check your email (if you are subscribed

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Field Day 2021 Video

My friend, Dorothee, just finished editing the Field Day 2021 video, and I think you will really enjoy watching it!  It’s about 26 minutes. Here is the YouTube link:

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Field Day 2021 Wrap Up

John AC6SL and Kerry K3RRY presented the Field Day Wrap Up during the SLVARC and SCCARC club meetings on July 9, 2021, and on July 16, 2021. Team Captains Becky

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