Club Meeting – New Digital Mode FT8

Tuck AF6GQ will present on the subject of the new digital mode FT8. This new mode was developed by Steve Franke K9AN  and Joe Taylor  K1JT. You already may have heard of Dr. Taylor, a Nobel Prize in Physics laureate and prolific developer of computer programs and communications protocols for weak-signal communication. We look forward to hearing of […]

Club Meeting – Monica G. Bobra – Sun, Ionosphere, Radio Communications

Stanford research scientist Monica G. Bobra will discuss The effects of the Sun on the Earth’s ionosphere and how that affects radio communications.

Club Meeting – Auction!

Club Meeting – Tom Kenville, “The Triode”

Tom Kenville, W6TJK will present “The Triode”, part III of his talk about amateur radio history.

Club Meeting – Elections – Adventures in Residential Electrical Wiring

Club members will vote for the Board of Directors, and then Kerry K3RRY will present “Adventures in Residential Electrical Wiring (or) Why You Should Hire an Electrician.” Kerry’s presentation will cover his multi-month project to convert his house’s “zero-car garage” into a real workshop. • Commiserate with Kerry over unexpected behind-the-wall discoveries. • Celebrate Kerry’s cunning avoidance of […]