Virtual Club Meeting

Installing a Screwdriver Antenna

At the October 9, 2020, virtual club meeting, John AC6SL presented his experiences when choosing and installing a roof-mounted  screwdriver antenna. Check out his slide set.

Virtual Club Meeting – Screwdriver Antenna Installation

John AC6SL will describe the selection and roof installation of a Screwdriver Antenna.

Virtual Club Meeting – Roundtable

Join us for a roundtable on what people’s recent experiences. What went well and what didn’t?

Frequency Measuring Tests

Many thanks to John AC6SL and to Sam WB6RJH for their engaging and well-prepared Tech Talk on ARRL Frequency Measurement Tests (Club Meeting, August 7, 2020). Who knew that wielding electronic instruments and measuring an unmodulated broadcast signal’s frequency would be so interesting! [I did, but I’m a nerd. —Editor.] The aim of the contest is

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