Club Meeting – Elections – Reminisce About Apollo 11

The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing was just a couple of weeks ago. Join us as we reminisce about the Apollo Project. Bring stories and, if you have them, Apollo Project collectibles.

Club Meeting – Field Day Report

Club Meeting – Field Day Prep

SSTV and Raspberry Pi

We had three presentations tonight! First, John AC6SL showed the sort of slow-scan TV images (SSTV) that one can receive from the International Space Station on 2-meters. With most ISS passes below 45° elevation, few images are completely perfect, but some are quite good, and even poorly received images usually are readable. Then Glen KG0T

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Club Meeting – Glen KG0T – Raspberry Pi for Ham (and non-Ham) Projects

Glen KG0T has used Raspberry Pi [3] single-board computers for various projects “around the shack.” What started as an educational tool has become a very affordable development platform with built in ARM processor, hundreds of megabytes of SDRAM, GPU, and HDMI video output. Glen will be giving examples of the sorts of projects that can work well

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