Club Badges

slvarcI remember when I first joined the SLVARC, I saw that a few members wore name badges, but most did not. It took some time for me to learn other member’s names.

Upon joining himself, John N6FBA also noticed this, and he suggested that the club arrange for The SignMan, a badge maker for many Ham clubs, to make a custom SLVARC badge. Responding to John’s impetus, other members of the board of directors added to the idea, and a design emerged that clearly shows one’s first name and call sign along with a location that best represents the geographic range of our club’s membership.

Several members who have ordered these badges have paid an extra $2.75 to upgrade from the Safety Pin fastener to a Magnetic Bar fastener. The Magnetic Bar fastener works well, and it is easy to use, but be aware that the Magnetic Bar can be knocked loose if you let a shoulder-bag strap catch under the edge of the badge.

Ordering your own club badge is optional, or course. We know that with a little effort you can find other name badges that are not club-specific, but we encourage you to show your club membership and buy your own customized version of the SLVARC badge using the link below.

Order Your Own SLVARC Club Badge