Logo Use Policy

Show your affiliation! Members of the San Lorenzo Valley Amateur Radio Club may use the club’s logos on their own personal QSL cards, stationery, business cards, clothing, and web pages as long as the use is not commercial in nature.

Since the SLVARC logos remain the property of SLVARC, please do not alter them. Also, please be sure to use the logos in good taste.

Contact the SLVARC board of directors for any use of these logos other than what is mentioned above.

Logo Variants

The SLVARC logo is available in styles for three purposes. These are fairly large files so that you can resize them as needed.

(Members can contact us for help with logo resizing. Do not link directly to these large files in your personal web pages. The files’s size will unnecessarily increase page-load times for your visitors—not to mention the unnecessary increase in our web site’s bandwidth requirements. Resize and upload to your own server as needed.)

SLVARC-logo-thumb This is the preferred SLVARC logo. It includes access information for our repeaters. Download high-resolution PNG.
SLVARC-logo-embroidery-thumb Use this simplified logo for embroidery. Download high-resolution JPG.
SLVARC-logo-1-inch-thumb Use this alternate simplified logo for stationery or badges. This logo has thicker lines, and so it can be reduced to 1 inch across. It also limits the number of ink colors. Download high-resolution PNG.