Happy Centennial

The celebration of 100 years of Amateur Radio in Santa Cruz County was held at the Museum of Art and History (MAH) on September 17th, 2016.

The community effort to support this event required a cross section of members from Amateur Radio across Santa Cruz County. It spanned not only the two local clubs SCCARC (Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club) and SLVARC (San Lorenzo Valley Amateur Radio Club), but included representation from the ARRL, American Red Cross, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), and Equine Evac Teams.

Speakers shared knowledge and expertise to engage Hams and Non-Hams alike in short, focused, presentations aimed at peaking interest in all aspects of Amateur Radio. One presentation captured the scope of the overall event quite well with the title being From Sparks to Space. And it seemed like everything in between!

In keeping with the Museum of Art and History historical theme, the auditorium’s arrangement of antique radio equipment, displayed as a timeline spanning the last 100 years, was a highlight for the Community and Hams alike. A number of local Amateurs shared their equipment, knowledge and skills in presenting a wide scope of equipment, demonstrations, and hands-on Exploratorium like stations.

The event was like a field day operation; efficient in the set-up and take-down, with many hands making the staging, implementation, and execution seem as if it was well rehearsed and practiced. It is a testament to everyone present supporting a can do attitude with enthusiasm and exuberance shared between all members. This translated to, and was perceived by, the general public attending, as an exceptional event with historic significance, expansive levels of equipment, shared knowledge, and Esprit de Corps shown throughout. The proof of the community interest was found in the sheet of new sign-ups to take future classes on Amateur Radio licensing and introduction training for Hams.

To thank everyone involved would take pages of names and acknowledgements. However, specific recognition is important for key participants, who without their support and participation this event would not have provided as comprehensive of a community outreach.

Event CoordinationHistorical Contributions
Cap KE6AFE, SCCARCJim Tripp WA6DIJ: Historical Museum 1916–1966
John N6FBA, SLVARCRon W6WO: John Reinartz
Becky KI6TKB, PublicityRene K6XW: Historical Tube and Transistors
Bob KO6XX, Go Kit and Talk-in Eric WA6HHQ: Elecraft

There were a number of other dedicated Amateurs who built, flew over, presented, supported, and/or made this event possible. Without your combined help and commitment, this event would never have been something to remember for the next 100 years!

Thank you all once again. Happy Centennial!

Photos from the event, courtesy of Bob Wolbert, K6XX