Field Day Wrap-Up 2017

On July 14, 2017, members of the San Lorenzo Valley Amateur Radio Club met to discuss the results of Field Day 2017. During the meeting, John AC6SL presented his analysis of the club’s score. The score of 5,142 was dominated by operations (in CW, SSB, and digital modes), but bonus points of 1,370 exceeded the score of any single mode. John was the top CW operator, followed closely by Tuck AF6GQ. Don K6GHA was the top SSB operator, with a virtual three-way tie for second place among JV K6HJU, Tom W6TKJ, and John KJ6ZL (at the satellite station). Jason K6KTO was the top digital operator, followed closely by the Captain of the Digital Station Craig N6SBN. A plot of QSOs per hour showed the understandable dropoff during dinner and the early-morning hours.

John KJ6ZL, captain of the Satellite Station, reported that satellite operations went nearly flawlessly this year, making a record 78 QSOs. He doesn’t yet know how our results compare to those of other satellite stations around the country, but we should learn when Field Day satellite results are published by AMSAT.

Sarah KJ6GKF, obtained the top GOTA score with 32 QSOs.

Bob K6XX created a video that shows the Field Day site from the air.