Elmer Net Announcement

elmerAll hams, new and old:

I’ve started an “Elmer net” on WR6AOK on Wednesday evenings at 8pm. The purpose is to help new hams learn about their equipment and operating practices, to help occasional hams stay in practice, and as a result to also improve disaster preparedness especially for the San Lorenzo Valley area.

Part of the motivation for starting this net is that there are a number of people in the SLV who have not been able to get into the regular county-wide ARES net on Tuesday evenings due to the continuing problems with reception on the W6WLS repeater. In addition to that, it would appear that a more basic and conversational forum would benefit those who are just coming up to speed on operating on-air after having passed the theoretical education required to get their licenses. We are more than glad to explain the basics of operation and to patiently help people get comfortable and overcome mic fright as well as the subtleties of rigs and antennae.

No membership is required to join this net, just a desire to learn and/or teach others. We are thankful to the SLVARC for use of the repeater, which of course is also a valuable resource in the SLV during emergencies. This is not specifically a CERT, ARES, or club net; all are welcome and we hope that all will benefit.