Deals at the 2015 SLVARC Auction

During the auction on Friday night, radio amateurs bid on a catalog of 45 lots of items to benefit the San Lorenzo Valley Amateur Radio Club. Many thanks to all donors who offered the items for auction, to the bidders who participated, and to auctioneer Rich KE1B.

While deals could be had by all, the quality of the items being auctioned ensured a few high  bids. The items that generated the most revenue for the club are below. Considering eBay prices on similar items, the club did well!

  • $275 for Lot 17: Pixel Technologies RF PRO-1B loop antenna with 125 feet of coax cable, rotor cable, and a rotor
  • $151 for Lot 29: Shure BETA 87A Condenser mic
  • $130 for Lot 7c: Vibroplex “Blue Racer” from 1958
  • $110 for Lot 7a: Vibroplex “Original” from 1955

Rich let a couple of items go for $0 to lucky bidders, but most items were bid up to reasonable prices. Many attendees won multiple items, and several of these bidders spent over $100 each. The “over-$100” spenders together generated more than $1,000 for the club!

While almost all items were auctioned, a couple of items did not have sufficient interest for their bids to exceed their reserve prices. Those items will be put on eBay. Total auction revenue will be reported after all eBay and pre-bid purchases are complete.