BBQ at 6:30 PM – Club Meeting at 7:30 PM – Rob Brownstein K6RB, CW Ops

The May 6th meeting will feature a BBQ, with serving ready at 18:30 hours.  Bring your best pot luck dish to share.

The meeting presentation will feature K6RB Rob Brownstein talking about CW Ops.  Rob is a an advisor to a group of CW Academy students several times per year.  You can take the class from your own home.

More information on CW Academy can be found  here:

Don’t forget to bring a pot luck dish to share with a few people (i.e. salad, pasta salad, veggie, desert, etc).

We will have BBQed Tri tip and chicken, soda & water provided by the club. We plan eating between 18:30 and 19:00 hours.

See you there.

John Charcho-N6FBA
SLVARC President

Flame image by Oscar