Field Day Wrap Up 2016

sam-elmer-momentThe June 25, 2016, club meeting started with an Elmer Moment by Sam WB6RJH. Sam described the detective work that was required recently to find the cause of an RF noise emission at his home. Sam used a hendheld transceiver to locate the source of RF, setting the HT to receive on the HF band where the problem was heard, and placing the HT’s antenna against possible sources. He discovered that the culprit was an old wall-powered Ethernet device. Confirming the location of the problem also involved swapping an ordinary unshielded Ethernet cable with a special shielded Ethernet cable.

After Sam’s presentation, the meeting continued with several club members presenting the results of ARRL Field Day 2016. Here are visuals that were presentated.

Here are Beckett KM6DOR and Angie KM6BHX receiving their certificates.