Yeasu FT-60R and Unwanted WIRES

wires-logoQ: Why do people sometimes say that my transmissions start with touch-tone beeps that cut off my voice?

A: Your FT-60R is in “WIRES” mode.

Q: How did it get there?

A: You pressed “0”.

Q: Really? It was that easy? But that could happen by just bumping against something when the HT is on my belt.

A: Yep. Even if the HT is scanning, pressing “0” puts it in WIRES mode.

Q: Okay. So how do I get my FT-60R out of WIRES mode?

A: Press “0” again.

Q: But that’s the same key that puts it into WIRES mode.

A: Fun, huh? You can go into WIRES mode and out again with ease!

Q: Yes, thanks, I understand that. But how can I know which mode the HT is in? I don’t want to put it in WIRES mode when I’m trying to take it out of WIRES mode.

A: Look at the “0” key. See the icon to its left?

Q: You mean the atom of Helium?

A: Helium?

Q: You know. Two crossing ellipses.

A: Ah, yes. That’s the WIRES logo.

Q: But how can I know if the HT is in WIRES mode?

A: Look at the upper-right corner of the display. If the HT is in WIRES mode, the Helium atom will appear. If you see it, press the Helium key to make it go away.

Q: Ah! Thank you!

A: You’re welcome.

Q: Ah, wait, one more thing.

A: Yes?

Q: What is WIRES?

A: It’s Yaesu’s way of linking repeaters through the internet. See

Q: Should I care about this?

A: Not really. Most of the WIRES repeaters are in Japan. There are WIRES repeaters in California, but none of them are local.

Q: So remember “Helium”?

A: Helium.