Home Brew Night 2013

Chris KG6DOZ generously provided the photos that are used in this article. The complete set can be found here.       Links: KA7EXM’s QEX article and the original QST article that inspired it.         Link: Arduino Uno. Link: Raspberry Pi. Links: Newark/element14, Maker Shed, Adafruit Industries, Kerry’s article on the Raspberry Pi, Getting […]

Yeasu FT-60R and Unwanted WIRES

Q: Why do people sometimes say that my transmissions start with touch-tone beeps that cut off my voice? A: Your FT-60R is in “WIRES” mode. Q: How did it get there? A: You pressed “0”. Q: Really? It was that easy? But that could happen by just bumping against something when the HT is on my belt. […]

HF Digital – a First-Time Experience

[Note: This article was submitted to both slvarc.org and k6bj.org to cover a wider audience.] “Wow, now that’s cool! It reminds me of the movie ‘The Matrix’ with the colors and lines scrolling down the page”. I stood behind Frank (K6BDK) marveling at the fact that he was DXing with Hams around the world (even with his hearing impairment). Frank […]

Business Tripping with an Elecraft KX3

[Note: This article was submitted to both slvarc.org and k6bj.org to cover a wider audience.] Although not your usual destination location, Anacortes Washington (two hours north of Seattle) is a sleepy port town offering ferry service to the San Juan Islands off Washington’s NW coast. This unique small town location just happened to be the destination of my future business travel. At […]

2012 Election Results

Many thanks to all who ran for office and to all who voted, and congratulations to the newly elected board members! Those at the meeting saw that the election for board members at large initially had a four-way tie for second place. A constitutional crisis was narrowly avoided when a runoff election broke the tie. […]