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Looking for a Few Good Listeners!

It’s that time again, and Field Day is just around the corner. There are plenty of things about to happen, but I want to ask for help in one specific task: I will be running the Satellite Station again this year, and I am looking for a partner (or two, or three, or a team…) […]

New Web Site Continues to Grow

The new WordPress-based web site continues to grow as I convert content from the old Joomla-based site.  It’s been taking longer than I had expected, but new posts and features appear every week. Would you like to find an old post? Now at the bottom of the every page you can see a list of archives by month and year as well […]

1/12–wave Matching for a Dipole: Why Bother?

During my recent presentation, I showed how the 1/12–wavelength matching technique using a short length of 50- and 75-ohm coax could be used to get a 1:1 match to 50 ohms at the transmitter end of a 75-ohm dipole. This is what is usually called 1:1 SWR. Rich KE1B pointed out that one could just use […]

Glen KG0T Busts Antenna Myths

Glen KG0T was the highlight of the April 11, 2014, Club Meeting as he busted myths related to antennas and transmission-line matching. Here you will find the slides from his presentation. Glen handed out companion CDs full of supporting programs and data related to his talk. The contents of the CDs compressed to about 184 megabytes, […]

Antenna Myths and Magic

The featured speaker at tomorrow’s Club Meeting will be Glen KG0T: The talk will discuss some very popular myths relating to antennas, and attempt to debunk them. Some topics may be controversial, so you may bring rotten tomatoes  but please don’t bring the hard green ones; they hurt.  If there is time, some antenna magic will […]