Antenna Myths and Magic

The featured speaker at tomorrow’s Club Meeting will be Glen KG0T: The talk will discuss some very popular myths relating to antennas, and attempt to debunk them. Some topics may be controversial, so you may bring rotten tomatoes  but please don’t bring the hard green ones; they hurt.  If there is time, some antenna magic will […]


Welcome to the new SLVARC web site! It was time to move to the most popular web-site system: WordPress. I’ll be restoring all of the previous site’s content over the next two weeks, and the appearance of the site may go through occasional changes, but for now, check out our snazzy events calendar! Kerry Veenstra […]

Work Crew 2013

Club members extended the life of our repeater trailer by re-roofing and painting it. Thanks to Brad N6BHT, Gary K6PDL, John AC6SL, John N6FBA, Kerry K3RRY, and Tuck AF6GQ for their hard work. And thanks to all members whose dues helped pay for the construction materials. Photos courtesy Brad N6BHT and Gary K6PDL.     […]

Contact Map for 2013 Field Day

John AC6SL analyzed the field-day logs and created a map of contact counts. Each section worked is represented by a circle that is centered on the section code. The width of each circle indicates the relative number of contacts in the logs for the associated section. (Click the image to enlarge it.)

Board Elections 2013

At the club meeting on August 2, 2013, we will be voting for members of the club’s Board of Directors. Here is the current List of Candidates. If you would like to be added to the list, please contact Tom W6TJK. President Rich KE1B Treasurer Elizabeth N6FIT Secretary Kerry K3RRY Three positions for Member at Large Brad […]