Raspberry Pi

A few hams in the SLVARC use GNU/Linux computers for purposes related to amateur radio. Since I just recently set up a GNU/Linux-based single-board computer, I’m documenting the steps that I took here in case anyone else wants to play, too. The board that I bought is good for data collection, processing, and uploading data to web sites or to a […]

HSMM-MESH: Upgrading the Firmware

My other article HSMM-MESH: My First Experience explains how to convert a factory-fresh WRT54GL wireless router into an HSMM-MESH node. This article explains how to update the firmware of a WRT54GL router that already has been configured as an HSMM-MESH node. The WRT54GL router described here is running firmware version 0.4.1 and is being upgraded […]

HSMM-MESH: My First Experience

(April 27, 2014: Links updated.) Note: If you already have an HSMM-MESH node and you want to upgrade its firmware, see HSMM-MESH: Upgrading the Firmware. I knew nothing of HSMM-MESH (High Speed Multi-Media Mesh) when I read that Joe Fisher, K5EJL, would be presenting at the August 5, 2011, club meeting. The announcement was intriguing, […]

UCSC Field Day 2011

Nearing the end of the UCSC’s academic quarter, Kerry Veenstra (K3RRY) thought, “Am I going to do Field Day this year?” There was little time before summer academic activities began, and the thought of an all-night competition was unappealing. But then UCSC professor Steve Petersen (AC6P) suggested that instead of focusing on scoring points, the […]