Holiday-Party Dinner Reservations

Dinner is on December 3. The Dinner-Reservation Form is due November 25. Reservation Details and Menu (PDF).

Coverage of 100 Years of Amateur Radio in Santa Cruz County

On February 3, 1916, sixteen radio amateurs formed the Santa Cruz Radio Association. That club still exists today, although we know it as the Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club, with repeater callsign K6BJ. The club is celebrating 100 years of amateur radio in Santa Cruz County with special pages on their web site and with a special event

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Field Day Wrap Up 2016

The June 25, 2016, club meeting started with an Elmer Moment by Sam WB6RJH. Sam described the detective work that was required recently to find the cause of an RF noise emission at his home. Sam used a hendheld transceiver to locate the source of RF, setting the HT to receive on the HF band where the problem was

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Amateur Radio Satellites on April 1 – No Joke!

Join us at the club meeting on Friday, April 1, 2016, as John Sisler KJ6ZL presents the ups and downs of Amateur Radio Satellites. John has run our Field Day satellite station several times, achieving professional operations on a budget. Intrigued?  Bring your questions! FASTRAC-A and FASTRAC-B amateur satellite, University of Texas at Austin

Quartzfest 2016

At the February 5, 2016, club meeting, Fred KJ6OOV reported on ARRL QuartzFest 2016, a convention that I did not know existed. In fact, QuartzFest is in a location that I didn’t know existed: federally owned BLM land in Arizona. The week-long camping event specializes in mobile communications and RV living. What can you do in the desert for a week? Check out the

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