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Field Day 2016!

Join us for Field Day, this Saturday, June 25, and make a few contacts. This year we will have several radio stations on the air communicating with people around the world. Our special “Get on the Air” station is staffed by mentors who will show you how to use the equipment and how to contact other people throughout the United States. You

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BBQ at 6:30 PM – Club Meeting at 7:30 PM – Rob Brownstein K6RB, CW Ops

The May 6th meeting will feature a BBQ, with serving ready at 18:30 hours.  Bring your best pot luck dish to share. The meeting presentation will feature K6RB Rob Brownstein talking about CW Ops.  Rob is a an advisor to a group of CW Academy students several times per year.  You can take the class

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Amateur Radio Satellites on April 1 – No Joke!

Join us at the club meeting on Friday, April 1, 2016, as John Sisler KJ6ZL presents the ups and downs of Amateur Radio Satellites. John has run our Field Day satellite station several times, achieving professional operations on a budget. Intrigued?  Bring your questions! FASTRAC-A and FASTRAC-B amateur satellite, University of Texas at Austin

Quartzfest 2016

At the February 5, 2016, club meeting, Fred KJ6OOV reported on ARRL QuartzFest 2016, a convention that I did not know existed. In fact, QuartzFest is in a location that I didn’t know existed: federally owned BLM land in Arizona. The week-long camping event specializes in mobile communications and RV living. What can you do in the desert for a week? Check out the

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DX Clusters

At the March 4, 2016, meeting, Rich KE1B presented the modern tools that hams use for DX reports. Instead of relying on telephones or FM repeaters, hams now use Internet-connected computer programs to communicate automatically where and when DX signals have been received (or “spotted”). Internet-connected logging programs update information to DX Cluster nodes automatically, making it easy

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